What Your Indigo Aura Color Means: What Does Your Indigo Aura Mean?

Indigo Aura

Indigo Aura Meaning

In the range of aura colours, indigo is distinct. You have a profound understanding of both yourself and other people if your aura is indigo.

These are strong, ambitious, and creative people who have an abundance of empathy for everyone and everything in their sphere of influence. People frequently refer to them as “ancient spirits” or “knowing beyond their years.” As a result, an indigo aura is linked to the third eye chakra, located on the pineal gland at the area directly between the eyes. Indigo has a mystical aura because it relates to spiritual forces, insights, and psychic skills.

Do you possess a blue aura? Understanding auras and how they impact human physiology is crucial in the field of energy healing. Our physical health, mental mood, and energy wellness are all reflected in the colours of our auras, which are invisible energetic fields that surround our bodies.

What an Indigo Aura Is and What It Means

Indigo auras are associated with spirituality, intuition, creativity, and a love of animals and the natural world. Being an Indigo definitely makes you incredibly aware and attentive to details that others might miss. You have a keen awareness of your surroundings and are adept at reading between the lines. You might even think of yourself as precognitive, foreseeing the actions and happenings of others.

The Spiritual Indigo 

Indigos are frequently said to as clairvoyant, which means “clear vision,” and are said to be connected to higher dimensions. They are frequently drawn to jobs in the spiritual sector, such as philanthropy, ministry, and spiritual energy healing. Since indigos have ancient souls, some may even experience memories of past lifetimes.

The Chakras and indigo auras

Seven energy centres in the human body are referred to as chakras in the majority of energy healing traditions. Indigo auras correspond to the third eye chakra, and each is linked to a different colour. Between the brows, in the centre of the forehead, is where this energy point is situated. Indigos are receptive to dreams and intuitive insights when this chakra is open and unblocked. Communication is improved, imagination is encouraged, and mental faculties are strengthened when the third eye chakra is open.

Different Indigo Shades

Light Indigo Aura

A light indigo aura indicates that you have accepted your spirituality wholeheartedly and are at peace with who you are.

This aura colour is associated with fearless individuals who are determined to alter the world for the better.

To achieve this, they can find themselves assuming the position of a counselor or healer. They have a soft energy and genuine love.

Bright Indigo Aura

Bright indigo hue energy denotes a person with a strong need for self-expression and an abundance of creativity.

The outcomes of this drive for self-expression can both benefit the individual and the world as a whole, but they also present a number of difficulties.

Aura of Dark Indigo

A dark indigo aura can indicate that a person has experienced a lot of bad emotions and experiences in life, frequently brought on by trauma or regret.

It may indicate a bad mood, lack of energy, or general sadness. Dark indigo auras can make a person feel overwhelmed or confined.

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