What Is Angel Therapy, Exactly? Do You Want It?

Angel Therapy

Most people normally fall into one of two categories when it comes to angels: either they are completely unbelievers or they are connected to religion. However, there is a change taking place in New York’s spiritual underworld, and it has everything to do with overcoming outdated notions of reality and utilising the whole spectrum of therapeutic techniques at our disposal in order to achieve new levels of happiness and healing. It is referred to as Angel Therapy.

Sound a bit strange? What you need to know about this supernatural intervention, um, is as follows.

1. What is it, first?

Working with your guardian angels and archangels is part of the non-denominational spiritual healing technique known as angel therapy (kind of like the managers of the angel world). An especially sensitive person may be able to communicate with angels through their own work. Others require a practitioner who can communicate with your angels and deceased loved ones while using an angel card deck to deliver readings. (Note: In order to participate, you must unquestionably suspend your disbelief.)

2. Why do you do it?

Everyone has guardian angels, according to practitioners, and communicating with them can help you live a more peaceful life. Angels, according to believers, can provide unambiguous direction in a variety of areas, including wealth, relationships, health, and discovering your life’s purpose. Angels are useful assistants who step in to make a difference in our day-to-day lives, but you have to ask for their assistance since they respect everyone’s right to free choice. How gracious!

3. How will you feel?

There is a sense of familiarity, love, and recognition when you connect with your angels, according to practitioners. This sensation of familiarity, love, and recognition is healing on its own. Like tarot, you (or your practitioner) will be directed to the angel cards that are most suitable for you at the time if you come prepared with questions or intentions. You, the practitioner, and the angels should all collaborate during the encounter.

4. Who are the experts?

Doreen Virtue, a well-known spiritual teacher, developed the concept of angel therapy. For those who want to receive certification to practise Angel Therapy, Virtue has developed a programme with live sessions usually held in New York City. (She also has many books on the subject.)

5. Am I a good fit?

For individuals already on a spiritual path who are prepared to go further and who are open to understanding angels as more than just ornaments for Christmas trees, the angelic realms are the next logical step.

A private note

Sometimes the thing we most desperately need comes to us rather than the other way around, and in my case, that was the case. Without fully understanding who Virtue was or why I was calling, I found myself phoning into her radio show. Out of the hundreds of callers, I was chosen (by the angels!) to ask my inquiry. Virtue communicated their message to me, and I firmly feel that this was a turning point in my journey toward self-awareness and clarity regarding my life’s purpose.

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