The Best Adult Snow Sleds, Because Reliving Your Childhood Snow Days Is a Wonderful Self-Care Practice


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is one of those famous, make you stop what you’re doing and watch sledding moments that will make you want to purchase yourself an adult sled. Here’s a reminder for those who don’t remember the scene (or who haven’t seen the holiday comedy classic): Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase, cleans up a metal flying saucer and takes the ride of his life. He literally “gets positively yeeted,” as the young people would say, flying over snow banks and through powder drifts like greased lightning.

Similar sledding moments have been sought after by many of us in vain. Even as adults, we still have wintertime fantasies about lubing up a flying saucer sled and yeeting ourselves down the nearby sledding hill in a barrel of giggles. There is definitely laughter, but the rides are brief and pleasant, only a part of Griswold’s masterful film. If there is snow and a hill nearby, sledding is a fun and invigorating way to get outside and exercising. We highly recommend it. This gloomy winter, is sledding the new form of self-care? why not

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a Christmas Vacation-style sledding scene that will astound you and your buddies. It turns out that choosing the correct sled is crucial; as with anything else, safe equipment is essential for sleigh excursions. There are snow sleds available that are sure to give you your own Hollywood sledding moment, whether you’re a tube rider, a tobogganer, or a traditional bob sledder (or just a carefree day of sledding that brings you back to your childhood). The greatest snow sleds for adults are listed below; cold-weather clothing and snow pants are not mentioned.

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The top adult snow sleds, chosen by adults

Sonic Snow Tube by L.L.Bean, $159

Sonic Snow Tube

Fun fact: The original purpose of L.L.Bean’s iconic snow tube was for commercial tubing operations, so you know it’s the real deal. The Extra Large version’s rubber inner tube is sturdy enough to support you and a few buddies, and the polyurethane bottom ensures that you’ll travel down the slopes quickly. In a nutshell, this tube is authentic.

Lifetime Downhill Saucer Disc, Back Bay Play, $45.00

Downhill Saucer Disc

You thought you were safe from the Christmas Vacation allusions, huh? Wait a minute. Uncle Eddie’s metal saucer is here in plastic form; no Crisco is required. This chic little saucer will send you hurtling down the hill for $45 on Amazon (don’t worry, there are handles connected for you to hang on to). Just keep in mind that it’s not the most comfortable item to ride on, so if you have a sensitive bottom, stay with the traditional toboggan-style.

Funboy, Cardigan Snow Sled Toboggan — $79

Cardigan Snow Sled Toboggan

Funboy is arguably most known for its colourful pool floats, which range in style from flamingos to flying saucers. Funboy makes sleds as well, so you can purchase one other time except the summer.

They are easy to transport to and from the sledding hill because they are inflatable. They’re just as whimsical as the pool floats and come in a variety of forms and wintery designs, including a vintage snowmobile that the company just can’t manage to keep in stock.

$170.00 Flexible Flyer, 60-inch Metal Runner Sled

Metal Runner Sled

Or, you could use the Flexible Flyer, one of the first adult-sized snow sleds, to travel the traditional toboggan way. You will fly down your neighbourhood sledding hill thanks to the light birch wood and slick steel runners. There is a smaller 48 inch one available on Amazon if you wish to ride alone, but the larger 60 inch one can hold you and a friend.

Traditional Plastic Snow Sled: $74

Plastic Snow Sled

Thanks to its speed on the slopes, this plastic sled has more than 3,000 5-star evaluations and a long number of committed consumers. Other sleds don’t come with a lanyard, making it more difficult to move, but this one does. The plastic construction is lightweight for pulling back and forth between runs.

$274.00 Yukon Hammerhead Pro HD

Yukon Hammerhead Pro HD

This sled’s name should be enough to convey its serious nature. This snow monster’s lightweight, powder-coated aluminium construction allows for a smooth glide. It’s probably the most serious snow sled you can get, with its distinctive steering mechanism and ski runners.

2-Person Snow Sled, Flexible Flyer, Snow Screamer, $50

2-Person Snow Sled

Another Flexible Flyer alternative, but this time a thin, mat-like body that glides down your favourite hills in place of the traditional wood toboggan shape. Your bones will thank you for the shock absorption provided by the cushioned pad over potholes and bumps, and as you roll along, the sleek bottom picks up speed. Excellent for single or tandem riding, as desired.

Snowboogie, 44-inch Animal Tube, $35

We have an obsession with novelty tubes. How could anyone not fall in love with this endearing polar bear sled that almost begs to be used on the slopes? It is simple to pack for trips to and from the sledding hill because the single-rider sled inflates. Ride upright or on your stomach for a fantastic tour with bears.

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