The 5 Best Face Shields to Increase Your Protection

Immunization is the most crucial line of resistance against COVID-19, including the extremely contagious Delta version. Unfortunately, vaccinations by themselves won’t totally lower your risk of getting sick. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently modified its advice for immunized people to continue wearing protective gear indoors in public settings in areas with high transmission rates as reports of breakthrough cases are becoming more frequent.

And even though you probably have a face mask or ten on hand, there’s a strong possibility that you’re lacking face shields, another crucial piece of personal protection gear. By protecting all mucosal surfaces (wet tissue) on your face, including the nose, mouth, and eyes, these small shields maximize your defense against viruses. The first two on the list are covered by a cotton face mask, while the last one is left to chance.

But it’s not a place to cut corners: People without eye protection are three times more likely to get COVID-19 than those who do, according to research published in the Lancet. There are also case reports of people getting the infection from not using eye protection, which is extremely unusual. In fact, based on data from other respiratory diseases, Geoffrey Leung, MD, ambulatory medical director at Riverside University Health System in California, recently told Health that eyewear could help minimize the risk of infection by up to 90%.

While safety glasses are an option, a face shield is a recommended substitute by professionals. In addition to shielding the eyes from droplets containing the coronavirus, it also protects the nose and mouth. Additionally, the CDC advises locating a face shield that completely encircles the face and goes past the chin because masks and face shields should always be worn together.

When using a face shield, it’s crucial to follow the directions. Reusable designs should be fully disinfected in accordance with CDC guidelines, whereas disposable choices should only be worn once. You should never put a face shield on an infant, and you should always wash your hands before and after removing one.

In light of the benefits of face shields, we went ahead and compiled the best online options that adhere to CDC guidelines. Shop our hand-picked assortment below.

  • OMK Reusable Face Shields are the best overall.
  • Aston Link Reusable Face Shield With Acrylic Glasses are the ideal eyewear.
  • Salon World Safety Shield 200-Pack has the best price.
  • Sweet-Dream Clip-On Shield is the most detachable option.
  • Tomorotec is best for children, Children’s Reusable Face Guard

OMK Reusable Face Shields are the best overall

OMK Reusable Face Shields

This face shield is kept firmly in place on your forehead by a strong elastic band, and a sponge barrier adds cushioning for hours of pleasant wear. It is coated with an anti-fog and anti-static treatment to offer complete protection against saliva, virus droplets, dust, and more without impairing vision, and it is already beloved by hundreds of Amazon customers. It can even be worn over spectacles and offers months of continuous use when properly cleansed. Just remember to take off the protective film as soon as you get there—shoppers warn it’s simple to overlook.

Aston Link Reusable Face Shield With Acrylic Glasses

Aston Link Reusable Face Shield With Acrylic Glasses

If you frequently get headaches from the pressure of elastic bands, think about using a face cover attached to your glasses. This innovative style has a lens-free frame and connectors on the ear hooks that link to the face shield, and it fits over standard prescription glasses or sunglasses. Each set is dismantled, with transparent shields encased in a protective film layer that, when peeled off, shows a surface that is completely transparent. The only caveat is that you must use a lint-free cloth to clean the mask since otherwise you risk accidently removing the anti-fog coating.

Sunzel Face Shields

Sunzel Face Shields

It can be difficult to get high-quality P.P.E. on a tight price, but this 200-pack proves the opposite. Despite being under $1 per shield in price, 84 percent of Amazon reviewers gave it a good rating. This is so that it can provide 180-degree protection because it is made to embrace the face without gaps. It still includes soft padding along the forehead and an anti-fog coating on the reusable shield despite the lower price.

Sweet-Dream Clip-On Shield

Sweet-Dream Clip-On Shield

With these adaptable clip-on face shields, you can turn any baseball cap into your very own custom piece of protective gear. They use three adaptable double-sized clips to securely fasten them to either a flat or curved brim. To prevent splashes, drips, or droplets, one edge clings to the brim while the other secures the clear screen in place. Each set comes with 4 shields and 6 hat clips. This design, according to one reviewer, is the greatest one they’ve yet found because it’s comfy and practical.

Tomorotec Children’s Reusable Face Shield

Tomorotec Children's Reusable Face Shield

Most face shields have dimensions that are simply too large for youngsters because they are made for adults. Fortunately, this kid-friendly version takes a humorous approach to conventional motifs in addition to being sized down for little ones. Each shield has a tiny animation, such as a whale, lamb, or robot, that turns doing P.P.E., which is typically tedious, into an entertaining pastime. You’ll adore the anti-fog and 180-degree protection, whereas they’ll be totally enamored with all the various characters.

As of the time of publication, the information in this article is true. However, it’s probable that some information has altered since publication as the situation around COVID-19 continues to shift. While Health makes every effort to keep its articles as current as possible, we also advise readers to use the CDC, WHO, and their local public health agency as resources to stay up to speed on news and suggestions for their own communities.

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