Target Perfume: Fragrance Line Is Vegan and Full of Essential Oils

Target perfume

Target perfume is on fire when it comes to making clean beauty accessible to the general public. The company’s first premium fragrance line, Good Chemistry, is the newest addition to its budget products.

The scents, which are based on several personality types, are vegan, paraben-free, and created with genuine essential oils.

The company offers four distinct collections, each with distinctive aromas that can be purchased for less than $25 each item as bottled perfume, body spray, or rollerballs. The best thing, though? The fragrances are vegan, paraben-free, and produced with actual essential oils.

Additionally, because they are based on several personalities, the collections—Confident and Charming, Good and Grounded, Vibrant and Playful, and Cool and Collected—are designed to provide a personalised experience. Consider using the product launch on January 21 as a deadline to review your Myers-Briggs type.

According to Christina Hennington, senior vice president of beauty and essentials at Target perfume, the new line builds on the company’s belief that its cosmetics department should enable customers to choose items that are uniquely effective for them. Because of this, we are reviving our fragrance selection by adding Good Chemistry, a coveted brand that aims to encourage our customers to discover distinctive aromas they adore.

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And it’s safe to suppose that regardless of your personality type, you enjoy wearing nontoxic perfume to smell clean and fresh.

TikTok also found a cheap TARGET trick for obtaining a brand-new scent.

At this point, jokes, pop culture news, and shopping tips are all available on TikTok.

TikTok is a goldmine of information for all those who love to shop online, from chic firms making a splash to clever customers revealing what they’re currently buying up. One shopping trick that is now trending on TikTok takes place in Target’s beauty section.

In case you weren’t aware, Target sells fragrances from MIX:BAR, the exclusive clean fragrance brand sold only in Target perfume stores or online. There are seven distinct scents in this vegan and cruelty-free fragrance collection, which comes in a variety of sprays and body mists.

These scents have TikTok buzzing, not just because they are inexpensive, but also because they smell like expensive perfumes.

You guys need to rush to Target and buy this perfume, remarked @kueen kayy, another TikTok member who had previously purchased the fragrance in person. Even though it costs only $8.99, it smells quite expensive, especially the Blackberry Tonic that I own. Oh my God, this smells so amazing. This is the perfume you need if you want something inexpensive that smells expensive.

These scents, which range from Cloud Musk to Wood Elixir, are also conducive to mixing and matching. These smells are simple to truly modify in order to create your ideal fragrance, whether you prefer to wear a scent alone or layer it with others.

Here are all the non-toxic scents from Good Chemistry’s collections that you may anticipate.

1. Good and Grounded

Sugar Berry
Water Lily
Blue Bell
Apricot Bloom

2. Confident and Charming

Gardenia Palm
Vanilla Orchid
Jasmine Rose
Magnolia Violet

3. Cool and Collected

Cool Glacier
Mineral Desert
Rustic Woods
Silver Coast

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