Flu and other respiratory virus activity continues to ramp up across the US

Government health officials on Friday warned of an early and severe start to cold and flu season in the United States, saying they were closely monitoring hospital capacity and medical supplies and... Read more »
hair syndrome

Scientists identify genes that can cause ‘uncombable hair syndrome’

(The Conversation)-It’s a hair condition that has frustrated parents for decades, now scientists believe they have found the genes responsible for “uncombable hair syndrome”. Yes, it really is a thing. Uncombable hair... Read more »
young woman runner running on city bridge road

Don’t bother with dietary supplements for heart health, study says

Six supplements that people commonly take for heart health don’t help lower “bad” cholesterol or improve cardiovascular health, according to a study published Sunday, but statins did. Some people believe that common... Read more »
bad high school teen boy lighting cigarette in classroom

More than 3 million middle and high school students reported using tobacco in 2022

More than 3 million US middle and high schoolers about 11% of those students  reported current tobacco use in 2022, according to a new study from researchers at the US Food and... Read more »
daylight saving time

How to make the most of daylight saving time

The daylight saving time change provides an extra hour of light which can help with brighter moods. Research shows that sun exposure activates the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is linked to improving your... Read more »