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After my ex and I split up last year, my libido suffered a severe (and completely natural) decline, and ever since, I’ve been doing everything I can to try to get it back. I truly mean all of it. I was growing discouraged and scared that nothing would work despite attending weekly therapy sessions, carving out time for myself, watching porn, and concentrating on self care. I did, however, afterwards try consuming chocolate to increase my libido.

In addition to the fact that chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac, Moodygirl’s Libido Lover chocolate bar also contains substances like maca and horny goat weed that promote positive feelings and creative energy. But does the bar genuinely have the ability to make us feel hot, in a scientific sense? The verdict is still out, according to Janielle Bryan, MPH, a public health professional and sexuality educator.

According to Bryan, there is no empirical evidence that eating chocolate affects one’s desire to have sex. There are numerous studies that demonstrate how dark chocolate can improve blood flow and reduce arterial stiffness. Although those circumstances may facilitate arousal, there is no evidence connecting eating chocolate to having an increased sex urge (she further notes that if someone already has strong blood flow, they may see little to no change). So, libido chocolate might aid in arousal and maintenance, but nothing is certain.

Bryan claims that the darker and more organic the chocolate, which tends to have a higher percentage of cocoa, with fewer additives, added dairy, and sugar, the better, and that this will have the most effect on your libido. Which brings us to the Libido Lover bar made of dark chocolate.

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Bryan told me a few things to be careful about before I tried it out. One is that, despite the fact that maca has been demonstrated to boost sexual desire, the reported difference was not due to a hormonal change but rather to reports from individuals of increased sexual performance. Additionally, she adds, “the FDA does not regulate herbal supplements.” “Research is a good idea before beginning any routine. Get a doctor’s approval on how the components might affect you before attempting it yourself, and then bear in mind what happened to me afterward.

Here’s what occurred when I attempted to elicit libido with chocolate

Over the course of a week, I consumed two whole Libido Lover chocolate bars, and one bar in a single sitting (the suggested serving size is half of a bar). It’s important to note that I suffer from sexsomnia, a sleep disease that causes people to initiate sex with a partner, masturbate, or engage in other sexual activities while they are asleep. When I’m sexually frustrated, I often have episodes, but only if I’m also aroused, which, as I previously indicated, I hadn’t been in a long time.

But the first night I had the libido chocolate, I experienced my first significant case of sleep-masturbation in a long time. Although I’m not certain if the two occurrences are connected, I do find the timing intriguing. Perhaps the increased blood flow was the cause? Or the newly discovered subliminal sexual angst? I’m not certain.

Even while there isn’t enough scientific evidence to claim with certainty that the chemicals in chocolate will stimulate sex drive, that doesn’t imply they won’t.” —Janielle Bryan, MPH, a sexuality educator.

By the fourth day of having the libido chocolate in my life, though, I had clearly seen a notable increase in my sex drive when awake: I felt more compelled to masturbate and indulge in sexting, whereas I had little interest in doing either previously. And after a few days of not eating the bar, I observed a tiny decline in my sex desire, but it was still significantly higher than it had been before the libido chocolate.

Overall, I had a very great experience, but I have to wonder: Is it truly feasible that after eating this Libido Lover chocolate for a week, my sex drive improved, or are the effects more likely due to a placebo effect? Bryan speculates that it might be a mix of the two.

Scientists think that the effects of chocolate are solely psychological and not biological, she adds. Even while there isn’t enough scientific evidence to claim with certainty that the chemicals in chocolate will stimulate sex drive, that doesn’t imply they won’t. This particular chocolate bar’s ingredients are all said to have therapeutic effects. Well, based on my personal experience, I’d say that Moodygirl’s Libido Lover was effective in increasing my libido. Regardless of whether the impact I observed was a placebo, I’m happy to have discovered a new, wonderful chocolate bar to sate my cravings. they are all.

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