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Nothing tempts me more than a run-down salon that advertises lash extensions. However, I haven’t gotten them because they’ll empty my bank account, appointments take hours, and I’m terrified I’ll never be able to wear my lashes naturally again.

But because I adore the idea of waking up with Disney princess eyelashes, I was interested when DIY lash extensions under the name of Lashify appeared on the market in 2017. But it wasn’t until a few years later when a drugstore company called Kiss launched a new product that I decided to give at-home lash extensions a try. I knew I had to put the Falscara from the brand to the test because it has a very similar appearance to Lashify but is much less expensive.

Could this Lashify knockoff that costs a fraction of the price truly achieve the same results? Here are my frank assessments of Lashify and Falscara as well as the outcomes I experienced with each product after putting them to the test.

Review of Lashify Control Kit

I began with Lashify so that I could formulate my ideas on the OG first. (You have to be courteous, right?)

The Submission

Lashify application entails five steps. The Lashify pre-cleanser prepares your natural lashes, then you apply a bond (also known as glue) to your lashes like you would mascara, attach the short lash strips to the base of your lashes piece by piece, and clamp everything together using a tweezers-like tool, and then apply a “glass” liquid to seal everything and get rid of any stickiness. Before fixing the lash strips in place, you can optionally apply a coating of the bond to the lash strips if you want more hold. (If you’re already thinking, “Nope, too much work,” then have a look at this mascara that Amazon customers adore.)

Did you take it all in? After using them about three times, I finally started to get the hang of it. However, with more effort, I was able to reduce the entire process to 10 minutes. It was simple once I figured out how to apply the lashes right up against—but not on—the waterline of my upper lid.

Lashify Control Kit

The Benefits

Even though it took me a little while to perfect my technique, I have always preferred Lashify to traditional strip lashes. I’ve never been able to get the hang of applying strips with my lashes directly up against them. No observable black ring results from the application of Lashify to the underside of the lashes (which I always feel the need to camouflage with copious amounts of eyeliner). However, once they are turned on, the largest difference is how light they feel. I’d forget I had them on, yet I still appeared to have the Disney princess lashes of my dreams.

The Negatives

Despite how simple it is to apply them, I haven’t had much success getting the lashes to remain in place overnight. One of the main draws of Lashify was that it was supposed to last up to seven days. Both with and without an eye mask, I’ve tried sleeping with them on, but every time I’ve woken up the next morning with at least one piece appearing odd. I was able to keep them on for a week, but rather than starting from scratch each morning, I had to reapply any lost pieces.

That made me question if wearing lash extensions while sleeping may pull on my natural lashes unnecessarily, especially given the risks linked with wearing lash extensions professionally (!!). I contacted Jennifer Tsai, O.D., a VSP network physician, to ask if Lashify or comparable products applied to the base of the lash could cause harm.

Although she didn’t recommend avoiding them entirely, Tsai emphasized that both professional and homemade eyelash extensions have advantages and disadvantages. Both have the potential to interfere with the formation of natural eyelashes if not used carefully and with great care, according to her. She continues, “Ideally, you’d alternate wearing them and giving your lashes a break.”

Tsai also advises against using homemade lashes overnight for hygienic reasons. “It does catch when you attach it to the base of your lashes because as the day wears on, your eye produces more oil and protein buildup due to pollution in the air and environment. If you don’t completely clean it, you risk developing styes, blepharitis, and occasionally eye infections “She clarifies I want to wear them on and off throughout the day and always carefully take them off at night because those are all the consequences I’d rather avoid. What’s In Your Eyelash Growth Serum? is related.

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Review of Kiss Falscara

I was prepared to use Kiss Falscara, which isn’t meant for overnight wear, after my discussion with Dr. Tsai. Falscara can be used up to three times whereas Lashify lashes are single-use (although can be worn for up to seven days) (but you take them off at the end of each day).

Kiss Falscara

Falscara Kiss Lengthening

The Submission

I was able to apply them with the same ease as Lashify because the method was familiar—apply bond, position the lashes, and then apply the seal. Since I wasn’t planning on trying to batten down the hatches for a week, it didn’t matter that the lashes themselves felt a little flimsier and the glue was weaker. What You Should Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions is related.

The Benefits

Even when I knocked them while putting on a VR device during the day that I wore them, the lashes didn’t move. (Ask not.) The “lengthening” style, which is on the long and wispy side, is what I chose. If they were any older, they would appear startling without eyeshadow.

The Negatives

The main flaw in Falscara is its tweezer tool, which cannot contour to your eye and hold everything in place like Lashify’s does. Ultimately, I managed with just my fingers and the Falscara tweezers, but it wasn’t quite as easy.

The Final Conclusion

The buy-in price is the obvious distinction between the two items. (Note: The $7 remover from Kiss and the $21 remover from Lashify are available separately.)

The Control Kit from Lashify costs $145 and comes with two sets of lashes, glass, black and clear adhesive, and the application tool. The majority of Lashify reviews are quick to point out that this is around what you’d pay for a professional lash extension procedure. Additionally, customizable weekly, biweekly, monthly, and bimonthly memberships with discounts are available from Lashify. You would need to budget slightly over $100 for a monthly supply of three sets of lashes, lash prep, bond, and seal.

The $20 Kiss Falscara Starter Kit comes with one pair of lashes, tweezers, bind, and seal. But after you subtract the price of the beginning package, the two goods are much more comparable. Replacement eyelashes are $7, and a bond and seal for Falscara are $10. It should be mentioned in all Falscara reviews that if you were to purchase a bond, seal, and enough lashes for each day of the month, you would spend roughly $80.

All things considered, I definitely plan to utilise Kiss Falscara and Lashify for special occasions. I also intend to utilise Lashify’s superior tweezers because I already paid for both. (I haven’t discovered another pair of rounded curved tweezers. Holler if you do.) I’ll choose Falscara to save some money when I need to replace my lashes and adhesive.

Both items are worthwhile to try if you’re dissatisfied with conventional falsies but don’t want professional extensions; which one you choose will depend on how much money you’re ready to spend. (Or maybe give a lash lift a shot?)

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