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Technology has become quite inventive in figuring out how to extend the shelf life of your favorite makeup products—I’m talking even longer than longwear makeup. Eyeliner and lip liner tattoos came first. The demand for semi-permanent cosmetic procedures like microblading then skyrocketed, much to the delight of individuals who wished for fuller brows. A complexion choice is now available on the market: BB Glow semi-permanent foundation.

It most closely resembles the microneedling foundation, in my opinion. The chief medical officer and founder of PFRANKMD, dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, revealed the aesthetic procedures that would be popular in 2020 at a preview this morning. Among them is this complexion-improving technique known as PFrank MD BB Glow. Dr. Frank stated at the occasion that “BB Glow is an immediate and short-term cosmetic process,” explaining that it was invented in Korea (surprise). We are essentially inserting biological cosmetics particles through tiny needles into the epidermis’ outer layers.

It’s actually a “nutrient-rich” BB cream (it contains vitamins and antioxidants) that is injected into the skin for light to medium coverage and acts to disguise topical imperfections including acne scars, hyperpigmentation, freckles, and uneven skin. Therefore, this works to balance out skin tone and lasts for several weeks if you’re not quite ready to receive a laser treatment yet.

While eyebrow microblading can last up to two years, these pigments aren’t implanted very deeply into the skin, meaning that they wear off more quickly. Due to the product’s superficial application, your skin will naturally exfoliate it away as your skin cells renew themselves (this varies for everyone but hangs around the 28-day mark). People who have had microblading know all too well that this makes the operation very painless because no topical numbing is required during the entire process. It’s best to save the procedure, which costs $550 each session, for special occasions when you want your skin to absolutely glow.

According to Dr. Frank, “we’re seeing a lot of different types of ladies and men doing it to help with scars.” Think of BB Glow as the future’s answer to the stress associated with choosing the proper foundation shade, applying it flawlessly, removing it at night, avoiding cakey-ness, and the list goes on.

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