20 Butterfly Braids to Enhance Your Appearance

butterfly braids

With some artistic designs and hair accessories, you can create an absolutely amazing style with braids, which are a trendy and well-liked technique to get an attractive and charming look. Braids are an adorable essence of creativity and a bold and confident look.

A part in between your hair and two braids on each side will give you the butterfly braids hairstyle, which is incredibly endearing and gorgeous. To make your butterfly braid broad and thick, the braids incorporate some feed-in braids. Typically, the braiding is continued to one side.

You may create a number of variants on the basic hairstyle by using the easy feed-in braiding technique with the butterfly pattern to give yourself the wonderful and lovely appeal you want.

Get a Butterfly Braids by Completing the Easy Steps Below:

  • Using a rat-tail comb, divide your hair into two parts.
  • Add a feed-in braid extension and begin braiding from your right side.
  • When you get to the nape of your neck, stop braiding.
  • Add feed-in braids to the left side and repeat the process.
  • Till you reach the end, bring the two braids together and braid toward the right side.

Butterfly braids offer a very protective hairdo that requires little upkeep because they incorporate feed-in braids. It is a flexible hairstyle that you can pair with a variety of other looks, such as a bun, ponytail, or updo, or you may make it curly, untidy, long, etc.

To make your butterfly braid stunning and striking, you may also use a variety of hair accessories such as vibrant beads, ribbons, coils, etc. We have some outstanding and delightful butterfly braid possibilities if you’re looking for some high-chic and spectacular butterfly braid hairstyles.

1. Everywhere Braids

Everywhere Braids

This hairdo features all-over butterfly braids and a lovely mustard yellow color that sticks out greatly in a crowd. There are numerous, thick braids as well as some smaller ones tucked behind the bigger ones. It’s quite distinct.

2. Vibrant-hues butterfly braids

Vibrant-hued butterfly braids

These butterfly braids are really out of the ordinary. They are numerous because they are little, and there are so many of them that it nearly seems like no two braids are the same. Some are partially braided to the end, leaving curls dangling from them, while others have green ribbons woven through them or are wrapped with pink or white hair on top.

3. The Butterfly Criss-Cross Look

Butterfly Criss-Cross Look

This butterfly braids hairstyle should be taken into consideration if you want a highly distinctive top. On the scalp, the braids are crisscrossed, and they hang long, thick, and light reddish-brown from the skull. There is a lot of hair here, and they are also great.

4. Heavy Gold and Black

Heavy Gold and Black

These striking thick butterfly braids in black and gold stand out. The huge braids make the style easier to maintain than one with many tiny braids, and the color contrasts captivate the attention.

5.High Ponytail

High Ponytail 

With a few braids falling free by the face, the style is swept up into a high ponytail in this picture. It stretches all the way down the back and is quite lengthy. For someone who adores this look, it’s a very glitzy appearance.

6. Covered Butterflies

Covered Butterflies

Due to the abundance of dense and curly hair in this hairstyle, the butterfly braids are quite subdued. They stretch from the portion of the hair and are a lovely addition to the texture of the hair as a whole.

7. Curling Braids

Curling Braids

In this style, the braids are close to the scalp and fall in a lovely sweep over one shoulder. The hair is braided, but not all the way down. The hair’s curling ends are left untied. You will undoubtedly adore this butterfly braids style if you enjoy long hair.

8. The middle-parted braided style

middle-parted braided style

The butterfly braids have their own small parts on each side of the head in this style, and the hair is parted along the middle. They drape across the body in a long line, and the ends are beautifully curled.

9. Butterfly hair purple

Butterfly hair purple

This captivating and incredibly distinctive deep dark purple appearance will undoubtedly catch everyone’s attention in any gathering. The very long braided hair has a side part and is styled in small, straightforward portions all over the head. It is incredibly distinctive because to its deep purple color.

10. The Butterfly Look in Rust

Butterfly Look in Rust

The braid starts out thick and mixed in with some of the rusty brown hair in this instance. As they flow down the back, they become quite thin near the end. The middle parting is very clearly defined in this style.

11. Huge Butterfly Braid

Huge Butterfly Braid

A huge, extremely thick butterfly braid that immediately grabs everyone’s attention. Huge butterfly braid looks great with a lengthy feed-in braid and natural afro hair. For a massive butterfly braid, you can even choose to have hair that is 24 inches long.

Make a side part and braid the hair on both sides until you reach the nape of the neck. Then, conjoin the hair and braid it into a large, thick single braid that extends to the length of the extension hair. To add a fashionable touch, pair the massive butterfly braid with some golden cuffs.

12. A butterfly braid on the front

butterfly braid on the front

For ladies with long faces or oval faces, there is a cute and charming haircut. Making the right braid slightly below the hairline, covering the ear, and gradually braiding towards the front results in an anterior butterfly braid.

The single thick braid is continued toward the hair’s finish by adding the left braid from the nape of the neck. The braid is especially appealing and alluring since it is an anterior butterfly braid done with golden rings toward the hairline on each strand of the braid. For important occasions like parties or wedding ceremonies, you can style the hairstyle.

13. Floral Butterfly Braid

Floral Butterfly Braid

You can look lovely and fresh by styling your braids with colorful hair accessories and fresh flowers. A cool and fashionable hairdo made of butterfly braids and embellished with some fresh flowers and ring accessories has a nice, appealing, and lovely appearance.

Use a high length extension to construct a lengthy butterfly braid, then fasten it with a rubber band to get the desired effect. Then, to finish off the gorgeous look, add some fashionable rings and scatter some tiny violet flowers among the strands of your butterfly braid.

14.Fishtail Butterfly 

Fishtail Butterfly 

Because butterfly braids are so adaptable, you can make them as artistic as you like by combining them with any braiding technique to create a striking and refined appearance. A really pretty and beautiful hairdo is the fishtail braid, which you can simply combine with the butterfly braid.

To do it, separate your hair off-center, use extension hair on each side to braid thick fishtails until they reach the neck, then braid the hair from both braids together to finish with a fishtail braid. White pearl beads can be used to embellish the adorable fishtail butterfly braid.

15. A butterfly with a chocolate crown

A butterfly with a chocolate crown

If you want a butterfly braid that looks wonderful, consider obtaining a chocolate brown highlight for your hair or a feed-in braid in the same hue for a chic butterfly braid hairstyle.

Additionally, you can try out other adaptable hairstyles like a crown braid to make it more beautiful and alluring.

Make a side parting nearest to the left side, continue the basic butterfly, and repeat until the end toward the right side to obtain a chocolate-brown butterfly. The ideal braid will nearly entirely cover the hairline, creating a lovely crown braid appearance.

16.Dual-tone Cornrow 

Dual-tone Cornrow 

The most sought-after appearance for ladies is always having a bold, fashionable hairdo, and wearing trendy shades is the best approach to get this look. When two-tone feed-in braids are used with a butterfly braid, the design is made even cooler and more attractive. It also makes for a unique hairdo.

You can use a brown shade feed-in extension and a red shade feed-in extension to mix both of them in the butterfly braid with the aid of the cornrows hair braiding style for a reasonable yet elegant appearance.

17.Side Hairline

Side Hairline 

Among African American females, jet black hair with a side hairline butterfly braid is a preferred and stylish haircut. When done after attaching a lace wig to your natural hair, the side hairline butterfly braid is very protective, and using the sew-in method, the braided hair is applied to both sides.

To achieve the whole butterfly braid appearance, style your butterfly braid just below the hairline while gradually descending, and then incorporate the second side braid into the side hairline braid. For females with long faces, the side hairline braid is a beautiful hairdo.

18.Persian Fishtail 

Persian Fishtail 

It may seem impossible to believe that you can achieve an alluring hairstyle with less work, but the Persian Fishtail butterfly braid is an example of when it is possible.

The method for doing a fishtail braid is fairly simple: separate your hair into two strands, then take a little section of each strand and overlap it over the other side.

Therefore, combining a butterfly braid with the fishtail style might result in a stunning and captivating hairdo. Your fishtail butterfly will look more fashionable in shades of burgundy or Persian, which are strong and brilliant colors.

19.Side V Butterfly Braid

Side V Butterfly Braid 

The side V butterfly braid is another adaptable hairstyle that can be made using butterfly braids, and a casual butterfly braid can be adjusted to suit your preferences and needs.

You must construct two gigantic braids on each side, just like the classic butterfly, but unite the two at the right-center of your head to form a V shape for the top and side look. Continue braiding normally, adding golden cuffs sporadically in between the strands to add appeal and charm to the butterfly braid.

20. A Center Butterfly with Fierce Cornrows

A Center Butterfly with Fierce Cornrows

Fierce cornrows center butterfly braids is another attractive hairstyle that provides you with a distinctive and fashionable appearance with a protected hairstyle. You must divide your hair into three triangle-shaped sections, leaving extra hair for the center.

Create cornrows for all hair sections besides the center, add feed-in braids, and then gradually weave in the cornrow portions to create a thick butterfly braid.

You will look wonderful and cute thanks to the firmly braided cornrows and the thick central butterfly braid. For afro females who adore the cornrow braid hairstyle, the look is ideal.

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