20 African braids that will make you appear sensual

african braids

The African Braids hairstyle appears to be a stylish option for a practical and affordable maintenance hairstyle. Perhaps since it’s easy to maintain and comes in attractive styles, many young people tend to select this braiding style as their favorite alternative to other hairstyles.

African braids come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and thicknesses. African American hair braiding techniques are widely used, regardless of race. In other words, those who are not of African American descent also seek out certain Hair Braiding styles from this.

There are many different hair braiding styles available. There are numerous braiding techniques, some of which are Goddess Braids, Pixie Braids, Micro Braids, Pixie Pin Curls, French Inverted Braids, Candy Curls, Fishtail Braids, Bantu Knots, Undetectable braid and Cornrow Extensions, Flat Twist, Locks, Tree braids, Invisible Braids, Senegalese Twist, Interlock Weaving, Silky Locks,

Making the pressure on the strands as stable as possible while braiding may be the most difficult part. But this only happens with practice and the right amount of time.

A Few Important Information About African Braids:

  • They are created in brief, uniform braids that are woven with hair to provide twists, strength, width, height, and even color.
  • Braids can take anywhere from 4 to 5 hours, depending on the type of hair and style chosen. This type of styling typically requires a lot of time in order to be ready.
  • Hair wash and conditioner can be used regularly to clean braids, but if your hair is too frizzy, wash it twice a week. Dry shampoo can be used in its place.
  • Once tied, the braids can last for up to two to three weeks with proper care.
  • Put on a shower cap before going to night to protect your braids. This may be a wise choice. In order to reduce friction, you can also put a cotton scarf around your head.

Widely used African braids

One of the most popular African American hair braiding styles may be cornrows. It is a common hair styling technique that calls for the hair to be securely braided extremely close to the scalp while using an underhanded, upward motion to create a continuous, elevated line.

These Afro braids can be made in simple vertical lines, intricate geometric patterns, or fashionable patterns. This type of braiding is appealing since it requires less upkeep.

By gently cleansing the hair, putting on a shower cap or hair mesh, and then frequently moisturizing the scalp and hair with good hair oil, these Afro braids can be left in for weeks at a time. While some braid their own hair, others employ the weaving technique.

The top 20 African Braids hairstyles that scream diva are shown here. So let’s start with the aesthetic. Check out the African Braids tutorial as well.

1. An Exotic Beaded Narrow Cornrow

An Exotic Beaded Narrow Cornrow

This hairdo has an extremely exotic appearance. The hairdo consists of very little cornrows. Such cornrows have the benefit of maintaining the hair’s spaced-out style.

Beautiful white beads that give the hairdo its exotic and oriental charm are placed along the front section. You must first untangle and gel your hair before beginning the style.

The darkened bottom of this cornrow ups the style factor of this haircut. The hairdo looks good on younger women and those with thin faces. The hair is pulled back in this style.

2.Side-Swept Braided Manor 

Side-Swept Braided Manor 

This hairdo has a very voluminous feel to it. so as to make the side appear thick. This image only shows one side. The hair is first smoothed with gel, and then it is braided into many tiny strands using the micro braiding technique.

Consider the braids as little more than hair strands once the braiding is all finished. Take several of these braids, arrange them in a pattern by swiping your fingers, and clip it to the side.

The braids on the opposite side will be taken in front and form a cross. To rock the look, wear a rich lipstick color like red with this volume-boosting haircut.

3. An African twist braid in the middle

An African twist braid in the middle

There are some hairstyles that are more appealing than usual. One such appearance is this hairstyle. The African twists braid has an extravagant allure. The crown region of the head is also taken care of by this hairdo.

The hair is initially first cornrow-braided on one side. The remaining threads are then knotted as well. The central section needs to be braided last. To create a much more heightened appearance, the middle braids are stacked one above the other.

Although it doesn’t quite imitate the Mohawk look, it is similar to it. This design, which is among the most well-liked among African Americans, should definitely be tried because it not only appears fashionable but also encourages one to show off their bold side.

4. The Bob Cut Braid Hairdo

The Bob Cut Braid Hairdo

Women that choose to keep their hair short will fit this style. The hair in this picture is bob haircut length, and the overall appearance has a very cutesy yet sensual edge. The aesthetic has a whimsical feel to it. This braiding technique produces braids that are balanced since they are neither too thick nor too thin.

Additionally, the hair color is elegantly incorporated into the style between the braids. Overall, the look is actually very attractive and ideal for a little getaway or even regular wear.

5. Mixed-up Bag Braid

Mixed-up Bag Braid

The name of this hairdo implies that it is a mixed bag. This is because there are numerous lengths and braid styles in the braids. While some braids are done in a narrow manner, others are wide. Thus, all are combined when style is finished.

The haircut is lovely and diverse in this approach. The hairdo is reminiscent of a top knot. However, the upper braids are wider. The hairdo heightens and adds volume to the overall appearance. Add some really great-looking huge silver hoops to the outfit to dress it up.

6.The Fountain Braid

The Fountain Braid

The hairdo has a lot of density. It looks good on women with oval faces. The braids in this hairdo are made without leaving any gaps. There can be several braids, but for this look, they all need to be the same length. This type of hairstyling has a certain degree of regularity.

As a result, the length of the braid in the rear is the same when you eventually collect it all up after the knot. Such hairstyles can be worn for days without any upkeep and are protective. Additionally, the front scalp area features extensive cornrow style.

7. Pixie Braid with Pin Curls

Pixie Braid with Pin Curls

There are plenty of ladies out there who believe that the styling options available for short hair are little, so to them, the choice is obvious. It’s true that this Pixie pin curl braid is adorable. Additionally, the braids are brief, which is one of the main factors contributing to the hairstyle’s ease of styling.

The braid adopts the shape of the hair cut and is kept at an even length. The front of the cut is somewhat longer than the back half, giving it a fashionable appearance. To give one braid a funky appearance, tie a single thread of a single monochromatic hue, such as white, around it.

8. Cornrow Extension Braid

Cornrow Extension Braid

This braided hairdo is particularly popular among African Americans. The hairdo is understated, sophisticated, and charming in its own right. The braids are not excessively thick, flat, or thin. They have a modest regularity to their style, which enhances the impact it has.

This hairdo also looks good on long faces. Not much work has been done on the front part. The majority of the styling is done in this area of the backside, in the middle. The hair braids are gathered and clenched together. The fashion is really simple.

9. Bantu knot hairstyle with golden tones

Bantu knot hairstyle with golden tones

This hairstyle is fashionable and perfect for women who enjoy traveling. Being stylish requires taking the chance to venture beyond one’s comfort zone and experiment with a variety of looks.

These fashions frequently produce looks that are unmistakably unique and sophisticated. This is one such oddball number. The color of the haircut enhances the overall appearance.

The style has a lot more glam quotient because of the golden hue. It will be difficult to steal your eyes with the braid and the knot at the top.

10. African braid with patterns

African braid with patterns

The fact that several variations can be integrated into the braid’s patterns is one of its main advantages. The front scalp area has a distinctive pattern-like structure thanks to the braiding technique.

In addition, lovely braids can be added to the braids. The focus is undoubtedly on the scalp area, and the hairdo has a faintly royal undertone. Trying on this patterned African braided hairstyle is also highly recommended.

11. Hairstyles with corkscrew curls

Hairstyles with corkscrew curls

This haircut will undoubtedly win the bid thanks to its unique air of polite appeal. Additionally, this look will enable you to grow fairly tall. The fashion appeals in a fluffy way. The front lock completes the appearance with a highly seductive design.

Overall, developing this style will take some time, but it will all be worth it in the end. The hairdo is ideal for models who are getting ready to walk the catwalk or for fashion trends. This is not a look for everyday wear, but it will work well with other looks, particularly for gatherings and parties.

12. Beaded Weaved Braids

Beaded Weaved Braids

The traditional afro braid gives a rustic vibe to it. The intricate patterns change depending on who is wearing the fashion. Such hairstyles also add a very feminine touch to the entire look.

Start braiding on either side of the center alignment to get this look. Braid beads can be used to toe the braids’ lower ends. You can create this look at home or while traveling. The protective style will continue to be used throughout.

13. Top Bun With Micro Braids

Top Bun With Micro Braids

This hairdo is quite shrewd. The tone is fairly broad. much more so because of the large, fat top bun. The hairdo has a lighthearted vibe to it. These are informal fashions that have a big impact on the person wearing them. The USP of the hair in this instance, though, is the color shade rather than the style.

The haircut has a deep blend of blonde and brown color. These kinds of tones improve the complexion. As the haircut will be drawing more attention, you can accessorize the appearance with charms and delicate jewelry.

14. Two Braids Extracted from a Single Joint

Two Braids Extracted from a Single Joint

This is something incredibly unique, so perhaps that’s why it’s on this list. For a very long time, the braiding patterns included in this list were unique braids. This variant has been lovely.

Additionally, the braids in this style are made by taking the joints and leaving a calm area in between. A pair of spectacles, this kind of haircut, and skin that has been exposed to the sun. What more do you need? You can call your house Glamor!

15. Another Way to Braid Cornrows in the Back


Braid Cornrows in the Back

This hairdo does have a unique design. One braid is imagined, and the next is incredibly thin since it is woven so close to the scalp. As a result, the braid’s junction design creates a fantastic style. This hairdo features a braided bun at the back.

You can rock your performance while sporting the appearance while you’re at work. Small stud earrings go well with this look, but you may alternatively go without any jewelry. This is a really understated yet elegant design that gives off a pretty alluring appearance.

16. Hairstyle for Afro-Fat Braid

Afro-Fat Braid

This haircut suits women with oval faces well. The appearance is quite intense and daring because of the thick braid. Parts of the hair should be gathered. With the broad individual strands, begin to twist and braid the hair. An extremely popular afro braid hairdo is the fat braid.

One can forgo accessorizing when they have this hairdo. The hairdo itself might function as a fantastic adornment. These kinds of braids are also incredibly simple to maintain. Long or at least medium-length hair will form up better for this braided hairdo.

17. A fat braid with a loose end

fat braid with a loose end

The finest aspect of this haircut is actually how untidy it looks. Although it still lacks a nicely tied braid, it has a subdued bohemian vibe. This style’s informal appearance is what makes it so admirable.

You can skip the scarves and shower caps if you’re sleeping with this braid. That may significantly increase the untidy attraction of the fashion. Wear the lookup with some distressed jeans and a loose t-shirt. Yes, the appearance is very great.

18. Afro braids with a bob cut

Afro braids with a bob cu

The sensual appeal of this hairdo is enhanced by the coffee color hair tone. This hairstyle’s cut is followed by the braids. The fashion is brief and quite simple. Additionally, styling up will not take much time due to the short haircut.

In fact, this coffee-shaded Bob haircut is a particularly popular one right now. As a result, all the fashionable women there prepare to apply for a new glamorous style. You can wear the look on a regular basis. This style on the list is a must-try if you have short hair because it is highly adaptable.

19. Asian-inspired afro braid

Asian-inspired afro braid

The way you wear your hair is quite decorative. This is not your typical hairdo. It is quite decorative and has a regal appearance.

This hairdo, which follows in the footsteps of the classic boho braiding styles, exudes a certain vintage allure. There is a distinct rhythm in this type of pattern, which is evident when paying close attention to the delicate and elaborate patterns.

The front braids show a very compact and tight structure, while the curly weaves in the middle and back give the hairstyle a very balanced and artistic appearance. The bright beads contribute to the hairstyle’s blinged-out charm.

20. Quick fix Braid Hairstyle for Afro

Quick fix Braid Hairstyle for Afro

The braids in this hairdo are tied quite closely together. First, a gel or detangling serum is used to untangle the hair. Divide your hair after the detangling and smoothing section. The hair will be much simpler to knot up because it is already short.

This is due to how time-consuming afro braids are. Additionally, the hair parts are kept in close proximity to one another in this style, giving the appearance of a full and dense appeal.

Additionally, the hairdo features hair decorations. On the tip of one braid, you can add some extremely lovely golden beads. It will undoubtedly bring something interesting to the hairstyle.

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